Sunday Night Club – Ages: 7- 14

During the 6pm service, the children have their own time of worship at Sunday Night Club in the Church hall.  It’s a lively environment with a combination of teaching, games, craft and snacks.

Sunday Night Club runs from 6 to 7.30pm, in parallel with the evening service.

For more information contact Keith or Mich Le Parmentier on 724579

YAC – Ages: 11-18 yearsYAC resized

After our Sunday night service we have Youth After Church (YAC) for the teenagers in our fellowship. Held at a different leaders’ house each week it’s a fun way to end the week with games, teaching and often pizza! YAC runs from 7:45-8:45pm. Lifts can be arranged.

Contact John or Paula Le Poidevin on 235516 or Keith or Mich Le Parmentier on 724579



Access – Ages: 11+ – Girls only!

As part of our Cell Group Vision, some of our teen girls have just started running a young girls cell, once a month for an hour. This is held on a Saturday in the Coach House at Les Camps.

Contact Sarah Snell on 07911 718812 for more info


TeenCell – Ages: 13-18 – Girls only!

TeenCell runs for an hour every Tuesday, 5.45 til 6.45pm.  It is a cell group for girls and held at the home of Paula Le Poidevin. A great time to meet as friends for discussion and prayer.

Contact Paula Le Poidevin on 235516 for more info


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